Case Study:

Dumfries & Galloway LGBT Website & App

We first modernised and took on responsiblity of the LGBT+ website in 2017. This allowed the charties staff to focus on delivering their support services, without the need to worry about keeping their website secure and up to date.

We have since supported the charity on a number of projects, including designing and building a mobile app. This allows the charity to provide the lastest news, events and notifications direct to their members mobile phones.

Majjakalls website build
DGLGBT Plus website build
Dumfries Galloway LGBT website build
Majjakalls website build
Dumfries Web Designer

Delivering the LGBT+ Project

LGBT Plus came to us looking to hand over responsibility of managing their website as they found it increasingly more time consuming to keep it up to date and secure. They wanted to take a step back to allow them to focus on the charities core aims. They also wanted to make better use of their website by including event booking and to be able to accept donations

We took on full responsibility for the website, adding the required features and subsequenlty expanded their online presence with a mobile app.

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