Remove the risk and frustration from managing your own IT

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Broken printers, missing laptops and cyber risk mitigation

IT problems can really interupt your business flow. It can be something minor like not being able to print a document or send an email, or sometimes it can be more serious like a server failure or a ransomware attack.

All these issues cost to your business in the form of lost productivity, you could even find yourself with potential fines and compensation claims resulting from data loss under GDPR.

I offer flexible and tailored IT support to suit your business needs. By outsourcing your IT systems to a dedicated IT support expert I can ensure you maximize the value of your technology, helping you get optimum results from the investments you’ve already made. From security to reliability, performance to costs, we can help your IT solutions grow with your business.

Ready to remove the frustration and

risk from managing your own IT?

IT Support pricing plans

Take the stress and frustration out of managing your own IT and purchase one of my IT support packages.

Wee IT Support Package


per year

Ideal for small businesses who want to focus on their business and handover their IT worries to a professional. I'll be on hand to provide advice and support when things break or new IT hardware needs installed.

    What's included?
  • Remote IT Management

    Single page website, designed and built to be lighting-fast

  • Advice and Support

    I'll be on hand to offer advice and support as you encounter difficulties using IT, or look to upgrade your current laptops and other devices.

  • Installation of IT Hardware

    Bought a new printer, laptop or need your WiFi upgraded. I'll be on hand to set up new hardware and make sure you maximize the value of your investment in technology.

Annual payment £700 or monthly installments £65

Business & Organisation Support Package


per year

In addition to the services offered in the 'Wee IT Support Package', this package is tailored to meet your individual business or organisations needs.

I'll manage your IT infrastructure, provide advice and support and take care of Backups, Cyber Security and Assest Management.

    What's included?
  • Monthly Backups

    Never lose a photo, video, or file again as we keep your data secured and backed up in the cloud.

  • Government Cyber Essentials Certification

    helping to guard against the most common cyber threats and provide a clear picture of how you can improve your organisation's cyber security.

  • Assest Management

    I'll work with you to ensure your businesses IT assets are accounted for, maintained, upgraded, and securely disposed of when the time comes.

Annual payment £3400 or monthly installments £300

My clients consistantly provide 5 star customer reviews!

If you're ready to remove the frustration and risk from managing your own IT, contact me today.


I found Adam from Digital Social Web and the services he provided to be very helpful. With my basic technology knowledge, Adam was able to suggest a variety of ideas to help assist my business that I would never have even thought of.

Adam made himself available to me at short notice on a regular basis and was able to help with various concerns I had and answered any questions. I have since recommended other individuals to Adam with their businesses and on each occasion I have heard positive feedback from them.

Greg @ GamRisk